Resin Bound Designs Ireland can create custom designed resin bound surfaces for driveways, pathways, patios, walkways…anywhere a stone or tarmac surface can be used.
Resin Bound is a surfacing material that is created by mixing resin and aggregate stone.

The mixture is then laid onto the surface to create a strong, clear and permeable finish, it is the popular option for footpaths, patios, walkways and driveways. Some people call it ‘stone carpet,’ it provides a seamless finish which is durable and has no loose stones or weeds to remove.

It is permeable too, as the mixing process creates small gaps between the composite aggregates, this supports drainage requirements.

That’s good news in itself but it also avoids any need for planning permission that may be required for other surfaces.

It has improved slip resistance; it is weed and frost resistant and colour stable. Resin bound surfaces can even be laid over existing driveways, car parks and other existing stone pavements.

The design possibilities are almost limitless, any shape can be created. There are standard colour combinations and they can work to make an almost limitless range of new colours to suit your needs. This wide range of colours and blends make for unique design options and it makes for a beautiful alternative to traditional outdoor surfaces.

If this sounds like your thing, or 086-3627302 and the team will find a design solution that works for you.