Greenline Plumbing Supplies was born out of the idea that customer service and product quality are the two most important factors in gaining repeat business and delivering customer satisfaction and along with great prices that is an unbeatable combination.

Whatever it may be, a bag of fittings delivered to site on schedule or the larger task of designing whole heating or renewable energy systems, Greenline Plumbing Supplies delivers a quick turnaround for any project large or small.

This company caters for any situation whether it be a housing scheme, apartment block , sanitary ware, rubber rings for taps, gas/oil boilers, heat pumps, solar panels or just general advice, the team have a wealth of knowledge through years of experience in the hardware, plumbing and heating trade!

“The business is flying, it started off with two staff and now there are 17 staff between the two branches. We opened the business in July 2017 and we’re delighted with how the business has taken off and expanded,’’ said Ray Purfield.

“The aftermath of the pandemic has left us constantly chasing products and our workload is now doubled due to price increases and delays. We have had to take on a second building so that we could store products that we have had to stock up on.

If we were ordering heat pumps previously on a Wednesday for instance, they would arrive a week later; whereas now you have to order them a month or so in advance. Trying to get products is a big battle at the moment.

“We’re very strong and hopefully we won’t be stopping at two branches as we’re looking to expand and grow the business. There are three of us involved with the business and initially we grew the business on service and sometimes service is a lot more important than price. A lot of my customers would be like friends now, such is the relationship you build with them and they have trust in you,’’ he enthused.

“The big thing we offer is service; we open at seven in the morning and we close at six in the evening, we’re on the side of the motorway and we would get a lot of passing traffic of people calling in for equipment. 90% of the time if someone phones up looking for material before in the evening, it will be onsite for you by lunchtime the following day.

“We have ex-plumbers working here with us as well so there is a lot of knowledge available to our customers,’’ concluded Mr Purfield.